2 used formula dispensers. Each has 3 compartments and each compartment can hold at least 2-3 scoops of formula.
Munchkin brand formula storage/dispenser, Munchkin dishwasher basket, Munchkin bottle cleaner brush and one reusable food pouch. All brand new or maybe used once.
The part i have circled is where some of the card board backing peeled. So it s there just not the color of the darker backing in that spot. The ice cube dispenser works. I believe I have 2 of the ice cubes.
6- 4oz Avent bottles, 3- 9 oz Avent bottles , 4 Avent pacifiers, bottle brush, 2 formula dispensers. Bottles have been washed and sterilized in sterilization machine after every use. Kept very clean.
6- 4oz avent bottles , 10 burp cloths, infant car seat head support, 4 pacifiers, 1 formula dispenser.
3- 9oz Avent bottles, 1 formula dispenser, 11 burp cloths, bibs, blanket, bottle scrubber