Vintage painting Henri Matisse artwork 32 long x 36 wide.
Rare Madam Alexander Vintage doll #2290 has been in the original box and is in excellent condition.
Vintage set in great condition. Setee has a beautiful wood design.
Agatha-Madam Alexander# 2230 purple dress-$200.00 Agatha MadamAlexander # 2230 aqua dress $200.00 Monet Madam Alexander # 2245 Red & Black Dress with umbrella $200.00 all vintage dolls are in excellent condition and in their original box condition.
Scarlett Madam Alexander # 2292 vintage doll, 21 tall and in great condition. She is wearing a green dress with lace and in the original box $200.00 Goya-Madam Alexander # 2235 vintage doll 21 tall in great condition. She is wearing a Spanish red dress $150.00