43 highest point x 11 widest point. It was missing one candle holder. But this is an awesome heavy piece. Pick up in Angleton on Wilkins. Will not hold more than 24 hours. Follow my page
Small is 9 inches ($4) , medium is 10.5 inches ($5) , and large is 12 inches ($6). All 3 for $12.
You choose! This beautiful assortment of multi sized candle holders includes 14 sets for votives, tealight singles, taper sets and pillar holders. Priced individually ranging from $5-$10 dollars.
YEP, PROUD TO BE A TEXAN!! 8" tall and 4 1/2" diameter. Quite large! Nice addition to house or yard. 2 plants in it that will grow quite fast. Houseplants or yard. Shade or semi. Year round. OR take pot of plants out and put a candle in it for an array of light seeping through the openings. So pretty at night.